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First Cybermen

So, I recently watched "The Tenth Planet," which is a Doctor Who serial featuring the First Doctor.  Not a bad story over all, although one might wonder why most of it was set at the South Pole, but it was the first appearance of the Cybermen and the first regeneration story, both of which make this an important serial.

I must confess that what really made me want to watch this ep was the costuming of the Cybermen.  Until relatively recently Cybermen have upheld the proud Classic Who tradition of the made-in-your-own-backyard look.  In "The Invasion," for instance, these robot bodies housing human brains came outfitted with silver-painted lace-up work boots. But the "Tenth Planet" Cybermen really take the cake.  It looks like they're outfitted in fetish gear with the addition of random boxes and instruments strapped to their bodies.  It is effective in that they prompt a WTF reaction and do look alien, but they don't look particularly robot-like, and I don't think their creators were going for the "tie me up and have your way with me in whatever manner you please, Mistress" look.   However it did add that extra bit of spice to my viewing experience.
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