blissthisway (blissthisway) wrote,

Is Bad Writing Dangerous?

"Alien Tango" by Gini Koch.

Why I read this: I read the first book in the series a while ago, and despite the less than stellar writing, found something attractive about it.  Picked up sequel to see if that would carry over.

50 page test:  Passed.

I finished it. There are currently 2 more in the series; I don't know that I can stand to read them.  Shallow characters, read as anti-feminist in parts, plot holes you could drive a truck through, and a bit repetitive. 

Also, random.  The main plot is a group of aliens on earth who help Terrans fight bad aliens, and one of the major plot points is a psycho stalker after the main character for a boyfriend she broke up with in high school?  Really?  However, random.  Winning a fight against overwhelming odds at the Kennedy Space Center by throwing alligators into the room where the baddies are holding the good guys hostage. That's just crack.
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