blissthisway (blissthisway) wrote,

Dangerous Fiber Arts

I knit my niece a Christmas stocking this year.  My mom knit all 7 of us Christmas stockings when we were little, and my sister had the genius idea of she and I knitting them for our nieces and nephews (all 12 of them).  We (I) only got the one stocking done this year, but we have many years to come.  It was my first sock and was fairly successful.  A little oddly shaped, but the heel came together well and I'll do better next time. I also learned to Kitchner

I'm also knitting stuffed animals for my sister-in-law's baby showers - she's having twins!  And then I'm going to quilt two squares for the baby quilt.  All by the end of January.
Tags: crafting, dangerous!
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