blissthisway (blissthisway) wrote,

Year of Reading (and Watching and Learning) Dangerously

So.  I'm bored. I've gone through a lot of emotional ups and downs (many more downs than ups, I'm sorry to say) over the last couple of years, and, consequently, been living way too much in my head with way too little external input.  My habits of thought and emotion have deteriorated, and I've lost a lot of control over my moods and my thought patterns.  Enough!

I now declare 2012 the Year of Reading Dangerously.  And Watching Dangerously.  And Learning Dangerously.  Yeah, it sounds odd with repetition, but my point stands.  I'm going to conquer my boredom, and to start with I'm going to take in a lot more mental stimulation.

Don't get me wrong.  I love my fanfic. In fact, it was a life-saver over the Time of Turbulence. Sherlock is fabulous, and there are a lot of fabulous writers in the fandom.  And I have no intention of cutting it out. But a steady diet of it is getting to be too much. So I'm branching out.
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